Miles Decaffeinated Blend (40 bags)

Miles Decaffeinated Blend (40 bags)


The Blend

This pack contains 40 teabags, each filled with our decaffeinated blend that contains less than 0.1% caffeine but still maintains all of the flavours you would expect from a great brew


The Taste

Based on a classic English Breakfast tea, this decaffeinated blend is bright and full of flavour – perfect to enjoy at any time of day


The Benefit

Black tea, even in a decaffeinated state, contains polyphenols, a type of antioxidant

The recommended daily amount of caffeine is around 400mg a day*, this blend allows you to sip away without concern of your caffeine intake
(*Source: NHS)


The Moment

If you are avoiding caffeine or lowering your intake, this could be the blend for you. The caffeine present in black tea is carefully removed to less than 0.1% so that you can sip away throughout the day


40 bags / 125g

  • Ingredients and Allergens

    100% Decaffeinated black tea

    No Allergens

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