Noveltea Green Mint Tea with Rum 25cl

Noveltea Green Mint Tea with Rum 25cl


THE TALE OF MOROCCAN MINT transports our customers to the heart of the Sahara; guided only by the blistering sun, the scent of sweet green mint tea heralds approaching Moroccan markets. Infused with white rum, The Tale of Moroccan Mint was born, evoking the warmth and generosity of Morocco.



Gently Warmed, Over Ice or as a Cocktail


TASTING NOTES - The famously sweet yet fresh Moroccan green mint tea, with just a hint of apple, works fantastically alongside the exotic notes of white rum, offering a soft yet satisfying sweetness.


BREWING PROCESS - The Tale of Moroccan Mint is cold brewed for up to eight hours using loose leaf tea. The longer, gentler cold-brew process slowly reveals all the intricacies of the leaves’ natural taste, resulting in an end-product that’s noticeably smoother, a little bit sweeter, and a whole lot more satisfying!


  • Ingredients and Allergens

    Green Tea - The leaves of Camellia Sinensis in their purest, un-oxidised state, giving floral, fruity and green notes.

    Caribbean White Rum - Made from sugar cane, the fruity, spicy notes of white rum add a welcome kick to our Tale of Moroccan Mint.

    Spearmint - Sweeter than peppermint, spearmint is found throughout the mountains of Morocco and bring d the refreshing aromatic punch unique to mint tea.

    Lemongrass - A key ingredient in Asian cuisine, lemongrass adds a sharp, citrusy taste without the bitterness of lemon.

    Apple - A natural companion to mint, apples bring a sweetness that helps to balance out the sharpness of both the mint and the lemongrass.

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