Noveltea Oolong Tea with Whisky 25cl

Noveltea Oolong Tea with Whisky 25cl


THE TALE OF OOLONG is woven through Chinese tea tradition.  A true artisan tea, the craftsmanship of Oolong’s semi-oxidation conjures up centuries of experimentation and refinement, resulting in the famous Black Dragon Tea and a complex, aromatic flavour.  Noveltea have added thier own fiery twist to history with a Scotch Whisky. 



Gently Warmed, Over Ice or as a Cocktail


TASTING NOTES - Rich and fragrant, the natural sweetness of Chinese Oolong is accented with floral traces of jasmine and rose petals. The tea pairs perfectly with the soft and fruity notes of a specially-selected Scottish Whisky Blend.


BREWING PROCESS - The Tale of Oolong is cold brewed for up to eight hours using loose leaf tea. The longer, gentler cold-brew process slowly reveals all the intricacies of the leaves’ natural taste, resulting in an end-product that’s noticeably smoother, a little bit sweeter, and a whole lot more satisfying!

  • Ingredients and Allergens

    Oolong Tea - Leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, dried and partly oxidised for a delicate, naturally sweet flavour.

    WHEAT - Distilled in the Scottish Highlands, the soft, smoky notes of Whisky round off our Tale of Oolong to perfection.

    Mango - A soft, sweet fruit, chosen to enhance the natural sweetness found in our Oolong Tea blend.

    Allergens in BOLD

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