Salthouse Classic Gourmet Salt Gift Pack

Salthouse Classic Gourmet Salt Gift Pack


 A delicoius selection of salts that every kitchen should have.


  • Guérande Coarse Sea Salt is a traditional and hand harvested salt. Its grey colour is from the clay at the bottom of the pans. Resealable 60g Pack


  • Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Medium is from the mines near the Himalayas and provides a quick, clean, sweet surge of flavour. Over 75 elements strengths the flavour, with the iron content giving it its distinct pink colour. It is great with curry, coffee and pineapple. Resealable 60g Pack


  • Marlborough Sea Salt is a soft light salt with a sweet essence. It is brilliantly white and gives you the flavour of the Pacific Ocean. Resealable 60g Pack
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